City Policies

City Policies are Council statements that set discretionary duties or standards of performance for the City of Wetaskiwin.

These policies mandate various functions and services of The City and ,where necessary, establish the procedure by which the functions are performed. 

All policies are approved by City Council and maintained by Administration. For more information, or to access the City of Wetaskiwin's procedures, please contact Legislative Services at 780-361-4420.

Asset Management CO-023

Authority of the Mayor CO-005

Benefits CO-045

Board Member Recognition CO-001

Budget Accountability CO-012

Cash in Lieu of Parking CO-031

City Logo CO-038

Compensation CO-044

Contributions for City Promotion CO-037

Council Electronic Device CO-004

Council Recognition CO-003

Council Remuneration and Expense CO-002

Council Remuneration and Expense Procedures CO-002-1

Curb and Sidewalk Inspection Maintenance CO-029

Development Agreement Signing Authority CO-032

Development Contributions CO-030

Disposal of Surplus Property CO-024

Drug and Alcohol Use CO-043

Employee Grievance CO-041

Encroachment Agreement CO-033

FCSS Programs Fee Schedule CO-022

Flags CO-009

Fleet Management and Equipment Pool CO-022

Grant in Aid CO-019

Health and Safety CO-039

Hours of Work CO-046

Infrastructure Surcharge CO-015

Lead Pipe Replacement CO-034

Local Improvements CO-035

Municipal Census CO-010

Placement and Installation of Playground Zone Signage CO-028

Policy Standards CO-006

Private Advertisement CO-021

Public Art CO-011

Public Hearing Policy CO-007

Public Participation CO-008

Safety Codes CO-026

Signing Authority CO-017

Special Events CO-036

Subdivision and Development Agreements CO-025

Tangible Capital Assets CO-014

Tendering and Purchasing CO-016

Traffic Safety and Automated Enforcement Reserve CO-018

Reserves CO-013

Use of City Vehicles and Equipment CO-040

Winter Street Maintenance CO-027

Whistleblowing CO-050

Workplace Violence and Harassment CO-042