Monthly Utility Billing

City of Wetaskiwin Utilities will be switching to monthly paper billing starting January 2021

WhatCity of Wetaskiwin utilities will be switching to monthly billing

When: As of January 2021

How: Invoices will be sent to all account holders each month starting January 2021

Why: The City of Wetaskiwin received resident feedback that monthly utility billing is preferred as it helps make personal budgeting easier for customers.

Starting in January 2021, every City of Wetaskiwin utility account holder will receive a monthly utility invoice instead of a bi-monthly one. *These invoices are still due upon receipt, with late payment penalties being applied if payment is not received by the due date indicated on the invoice*

Read the Press Release (pdf) from December 9, 2020.

How will the transition work?

All City utility account holders will receive an invoice in January 2021 and each month going forward for their previous month's usage.

Customers receiving a utility invoice in December 2020—for their October 1 to November 30, 2020 usage (two months)—will receive their next invoice in January 2021 for their December 1 to 31, 2020 usage.

Customers who did not receive an invoice in December will receive an invoice in January 2021 for their November 1 to December 31, 2020 usage (two months).

The invoice received by ALL utility account holders in February will be for January 1 to 31, 2021 usage.

Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)

The City offers the convenient option to have utilities automatically withdrawn from the account holder’s bank account via the Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) system which ensures late payment penalties are not incurred. 

Anyone already set up on the PAP system will now have their monthly invoice amount withdrawn each month rather than bi-monthly (every two months) unless the account holder notifies the City of a change. Accounts must be in good standing to start a new PAP arrangement.

Contact the Finance department at 780.361.4400 with any questions or to set-up or change a PAP arrangement.


The City continues to work toward an e-billing option as well, which was another request of the public. Additional information about paperless billing will be shared once finalized.