Line Locates

To have your City of Wetaskiwin Utility services located before you dig, please call:

Utility Contact Number
Electric 1-800-242-3447 (Alberta One-Call; No charge dial)
Gas 1-800-242-3447 (Alberta One-Call; No charge dial)
Water & Sewer 1-587-468-8887

*City of Wetaskiwin line locates are completed within two working days

It is up to you to contact all other utilities in the area not listed above.

Go to the Alberta One-Call website to submit your locate request.

Water and Sewer Line Locates
Phone 587-468-8887 for water line locates, connections, disconnections, water and wastewater emergencies, or other Aquatera Utilities Inc. enquiries. Visit for more information.

Commercial / Construction Line Locates
Utilities requires the pre-arranged appointment time as provided by the Gas / Electric Utilities after you have placed your Alberta One-Call request. Please be prepared to provide the appointment date and time along with the Alberta One Call ticket number when placing your locate request through the Utilities Department.

Residential Line Locates
Utilities Locate crews will locate the water service, located at property line, within two days of placing your locate request. If the work you are performing will not go near the water service, Utilities customer service staff can provide a verbal clearance ticket number for your reference.