Water Utility & Services

The City of Wetaskiwin treats and distributes potable water to its water customers. The two main areas of responsibility are water treatment and water distribution. The City of Wetaskiwin ensures all treated water meets the rigid safety, quality, monitoring, recording and reporting parameters of Federal, Provincial, and local standards.

The water which we consume is supplied from Coal Lake and is treated by the City of Wetaskiwin’s Water Treatment Plant. Water samples are taken on a regular basis throughout the City to ensure the highest water quality.

Water Bylaw & Rates

The purpose of the Water Utility Levy Bylaw is to provide for the regulation of water supply for the City of Wetaskiwin. Current water rates are contained within the bylaw. Please refer to our Bylaws page for additional information.

When is my utility bill due?

Your utility bill is DUE UPON RECEIPT. The City gives customers a short grace period in which to pay without penalty between when the invoice is received and the beginning of the next month when penalties are applied to accounts with an outstanding balance.


Please phone the Utilities desk at 780.361.4453 for any additional information.

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