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Running for Municipal Office 
In Wetaskiwin, our City Council is comprised of one (1) mayor and six (6) city councillors. Together, they work to consider and put into action policies that are in the best interest of the municipality as a whole. If you would like to be apart of this decision making process, keep on reading! 

Running for municipal office may seem intimidating, but Municipal Affairs has prepared a number of resources to help get potential candidates started and help guide them through the process. 

The 2021 Candidates Guide is designed to give prospective candidates an understanding of the process and legislative requirements for running for municipal office in Alberta. The guide covers topics such as: 
  • the nomination process 
  • campaign financing 
  • how to campaign
Municipal Affairs has also developed numerous resources that aid in helping candidates understand every aspect of the election process with their municipal elections - overview package

For more information check out the "Running for Municipal Office" resources from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) - which provides other useful guides as well as interviews with mayors and councillors from municipalities in Alberta. 

​What are Mayor and Councils Roles and Responsibilities? 

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For more information regarding the roles and responsibilities of being on council - check out the roles and responsibilities of municipal officials from the Government of Alberta. 



​Nomination Documents 

As per section 27(1) of the Local Authorities Election Act a Nomination form (Schedule A in the appendices) must be signed by at least 5 (five) eligible electors and if the nomination is not signed by the minimum number of electors then the Returning Officer shall not accept the form for filling.

For full details please read the Candidate Information Package (pdf).

Looking to bring in your nomination documents? Set up an appointment to bring in your nomination paperwork with the designated Returning Officer by sending an email to

Important Dates 

Candidates, please take notice of the following dates:

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Local Authorities Election Act 

Recent amendments to the Local Authorities Election Act have come into full force. Please review the following attachments to become familiar with the changes:

Candidate Campaign Disclosure Statements

All candidates are required pursuant to the Local Authorities Election Act to submit Campaign Disclosure Statements regardless of whether they self-funded, received campaign contributions, or did not have any campaign expenses.

For all contributions over $50, candidates must submit the names of those who made the contribution with their statement. 


Virtual Information Session
The City of Wetaskiwin hosted a candidate information session on September 2, 2021 via Zoom. This session covered various general information topics such as eligibility, filing nomination papers, rules and regulations, and more. 

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If you require additional information please contact the designated Returning Officer at administration@wetaskiwin.caPlease check back on a regular basis as we will continue to publish additional election information as it becomes available.

For specific wording of Province of Alberta legislation, please reference the 
Local Authorities Election Act of Alberta.

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