Construction Projects


Find out what is happening on current construction projects:

  • 62 Street
  • 2021 Asphalt Overlays
  • 2021 Sidewalks
  • 56 Street and 50 Ave Traffic Signals
  • CCTV
  • 55 Avenue

62 Street Reconstruction


This reconstruction will include relocation of shallow utilities, rehabilitation of the ditches, replacement of culverts, raising the roadway elevation, rebuilding the road base, and an asphalt surface. The ditch and culvert rehabilitation will extend north along the 62 Street right of way to the 50 Avenue right of way.

Location(s)62 Street, 49 Avenue, and Evergreen Close
Estimated Start DateJune 21, 2021
Estimated Completion DateOctober 31, 2021
ConsultantMcElhanney Ltd.
ContractorNu Edge Construction Ltd.
Road ClosuresTo be determined
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone Anticipated
Other Information
  • Fine grading of the ditches, topsoil placement, hydroseeding and final cleanup are currently being completd.
  • Eastlink and Telus line relocations are completed.
  • Fortis line relocations are completed.
  • Paving is completed.
  • Any stakes and flags that are no longer required have been removed. Please do not disturb any remaining flags or stakes.

2021 Asphalt Overlays

DescriptionThis project will allow for resurfacing of 52 Street between 47 Avenue and 49 Avenue. It will also include resurfacing of the Curling Rink Parking Lot. 

52 Street from 47 Avenue to 49 Avenue

Curling Rink Parking Lot

Estimated Start DateJuly 30, 2021
Estimated Completion DateFall 2021
ContractorBorder Paving Ltd.
Road ClosuresNo road closures. However, there will be various construction and/or work zones as required. Please use caution when driving past construction zones. 
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone
Other Information

Further work may be completed on Centennial Drive, Northmount Drive and Township Road 464 depending on weather. Otherwise this work will be completed in the spring of 2021. 

2021 Sidewalks

DescriptionThis project will rehabilitate several high priority sidewalks throughout Wetaskiwin. This year, new sidewalks will also be added at several locations. This is to increase pedestrian access and mobility throughout the City. 
  • New sidewalk along the south side of 40 Avenue from 54 Street to 56 Street - COMPLETED
  • New sidewalk along the west side of 47 Street from 40 Avenue to Jubilee Place - COMPLETED
  • New sidewalk along the west side of 46 Street from 54 Avenue to 55 Avenue - COMPLETED
  • New ramps along 56 Street - To be completed in 2022
  • Several of the worst sections of Willow Crescent - COMPLETED
  • Several of the worst Sections of Garwood Crescent - To be completed in 2022
  • Several of the worst sections of 37A Avenue - COMPLETED
  • Several other high priority sections throughout the City
Estimated Start DateSpring 2021
Estimate Completion Date Fall 2021
ContractorJ. Branco and Sons Concrete Services Ltd.
Road ClosuresPlease follow all posted signage and use caution when driving through construction zones.
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNo
OtherWork for 2021 is now complete due to impending weather conditions. Locations that were not completed this year, will be completed in the spring/summer of 2022.

Please note that this work will not include an entire replacement of sidewalk, but only priority 1 pieces as defined by the table below. The City must prioritize sidewalk replacement due to limited budget. For sidewalk concerns, please email and staff will inspect the area of concern. 

Overall Condition

Vertical Separation

Crack Width

Spalled Concrete

Multi-Directional Cracking

Gutter or sidewalk Ponding



5mm or less

6mm or less

5% or less

Little or none

25mm or less



5mm or less

6mm or less

5% to 10%

60% or less

25mm or less



5mm to 10mm

6mm to 11mm

10% to 20%

60% to 80%

25mm to 50mm



10mm to 15mm

11mm to 15mm

20% to 50%

80% or more

50mm to 75mm


Very Poor

15mm or more

15mm or more

50% to 100%

80% or more

75mm or more


Residents can also petition to have their entire sidewalk and roadway replaced through a Local Improvement. More information is available here.

56 Street & 50 Ave Traffic Signals

DescriptionThis project will remove and replace the existing traffic signals at 50 Ave & 56 Street.
Location(s)50 Avenue & 56 Street Intersection
Estimated Start DateAugust 24, 2021
Estimate Completion Date Fall 2021
ContractorHighLine Electrical Constructors Ltd.
Road ClosuresThere will be lane closures at each end of the intersection in phases as work progresses. For the safety of yourself and the workers, please follow all posted signs. 
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNo


DescriptionYou may see the contractors trucks working in your neighborhood cleaning and inspecting underground storm and sanitary infrastructure. The attached map indicates the areas being inspected this year. This work is essential in identifying storm and sanitary issues in order to complete and prioritize future repairs.

Year 2 Area

Estimated Start DateJune 7, 2021
Estimate Completion Date Fall 2021
ContractorsEmpipe Solutions Ltd.
Yellowhead Inspections
Road ClosuresPlease follow all posted signage and use caution when driving through construction zones.
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone

55 Avenue

Description55th Avenue was identified as an area in the City that was in need of an underground utility upgrade for water and sanitary. Since the water was determined to be an emergency, the City was forced to begin replacement in the fall of 2020.
Location(s)55 Avenue between Centennial Drive and 51 Street.
Start DateTo be determined
Estimated Completion DateTo be determined
ConsultantAssociated Engineering
ContractorTo be determined
Road ClosuresTo be determined
Temporary Utility ShutdownsTo be determined
Other InformationSo far the eastern half of the water main has been replaced and four water services and sanitary services have been replaced.  

The remaining work will be completed in  2022. This includes:

  • Replacing the western half of the water main
  • Replacing the sanitary main
  • Replacing all remaining water and sanitary services
  • Surface Restoration

Until all underground work is complete, the City will not be able to pave the road surface.  A temporary gravel surface will be used until all underground utility work is completed.

The remaining work anticipated for 2022 will require excavations in the yards of those homes that have not had service replacements yet.