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1. I re-use my plastic bags as garbage bags and dog waste bags, does the proposed ban mean that I will have to spend more money buying garbage bags and dog waste bags?
2. What kinds of bags will this bylaw ban?
3. I’m a business in the City of Wetaskiwin, should I stop ordering bags?
4. I re-use my plastic bags as garbage bags, doesn’t that mean that the bag isn’t single-use?
5. What businesses are affected by the proposed ban?
6. Will biodegradable plastic bags be allowed?
7. Will businesses have to charge a fee for other types of checkout bags?
8. I have a large family and need many plastic checkout bags when I’m buying groceries for my family, do I have any practical alternatives to plastic bags?
9. I always forget my reusable bags at home or in my vehicle when I go shopping, what do I do?
10. I have a bunch of plastic checkout bags at home, could I use these for shopping trips?