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Weed & Pest Control Program
NEW* Weed of the month: Ox-eye Daisy

The City of Wetaskiwin Parks department is dedicated to environmentally responsible weed and pest control. We are committed to learning new methods, as well as using tried and true methods of controlling the local weed/pest population. At various times throughout the year we will be implementing these methods where applicable.

All treated areas with the potential of public exposure will be marked with signs stating the type of pest controlled, the product used, and the City’s contact information. Exceptions are hard surfaces, fence lines, around posts and rodent control. All signs will be posted  before and  after application. Spraying will not take place if there are:
  • drought conditions
  • high temperatures
  • excessive wind speeds (above 16 kilometres per hour)

There is a 30 metre 
buffer zone (an area not sprayed) around all playgrounds and day-cares. The City of Wetaskiwin follows a Medical Alert Pesticide program. All pesticides used meet the standards of Health Canada and Alberta Environment.   

The following is an approximate time frame for control:
Pest Type Product Used APR  MAY  JUN  JLY  AUG  SEP  OCT 
Broadleaf weeds
in turf and hard
2-4-D, Dicamba,
Metasulfuron Methyl.
Clopyralid, Glyphosate
Noxious weeds 2-4-D, Dicamba,
Metasulfuron Methyl.
Clopyralid, Glyphosate
School Grounds 2-4-D, Dicamba,
Mecaprop, Glyphosate 
Weeds in Shrub Beds Glyphosate   X  X   X 
Industrial Areas 2-4-D, Dicamba,
Mecaprop, Glyphosate,
Metsulfuron Methyl
Ground Squirrel
Sulphur Gas, Mustard Seed,
Alpha-olefin, Sulfonate, Sodium
Wasps, Ants,
Carbaryl, d-trans Allethrin,
N-Octyl Bicyloheptane
Dicarboximide, Perethrin

The City of Wetaskiwin handles all pest/weed control products in a safe and responsible manner. If you have any questions or concerns please phone Byron Olson, Parks Foreman, at 780-361-4439.