Economic Development in Wetaskiwin

Welcome to Wetaskiwin's Economic Development Department!

Wetaskiwin, a dynamic and forward-looking city in Alberta, Canada, is committed to fostering a thriving economic environment that benefits both businesses and the community. With a strategic location, diverse industries, and a supportive ecosystem, Wetaskiwin presents a multitude of opportunities for economic growth and development.  In Wetaskiwin, it's easier to connect with policy makers who are open to ideas that enhance our city, and who are motivated to support your growth.  Be assured our resilient economy ensures we are open for and to business.

Advantages of Investing in Wetaskiwin

1.  Strategic Location: Wetaskiwin's prime location, just 35 minutes south of the Edmonton International Airport (YEG), 10 minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Highway (Hwy 2) and adjacent to the Canamex Trade Corridor which links across Canada, the Unite States and Mexico.  Our access to major transportation routes facilitates efficient distribution and easy connectivity to regional and national markets.

2.  Diverse Economy: Wetaskiwin boasts a diverse economy encompassing a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, technology, agriculture, retail, and more. This diversity ensures that businesses of all sizes and sectors can find their niche and thrive.

3.  Supportive Infrastructure: The city offers modern infrastructure and facilities designed to meet the needs of businesses. From well-equipped industrial parks to commercial spaces, Wetaskiwin provides a supportive environment for growth.

4.  Incentives:  As of 2020, Wetaskiwin offers non-residential tax incentives for new industrial and commercial development and expansions on a sliding scale over a three-year period.  The Province of Alberta does not recognize a Provincial sales tax and Wetaskiwin does not observe a Machinery and Equipment tax. 

5.  Skilled Workforce: Tap into a skilled and dedicated workforce in Wetaskiwin. The city's strong educational institutions and training centers produce talented individuals ready to contribute to your business's success.

6.  Entrepreneurial Spirit: Wetaskiwin fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging innovation and creativity. The city's culture of collaboration and innovation allows businesses to explore new ideas and opportunities.  Engage with a vibrant business network in Wetaskiwin. Regular networking events, industry associations, and business organizations provide ample opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

7.  Supportive Local Government: Wetaskiwin's local government is committed to supporting business growth. Initiatives, resources, and programs are in place to assist businesses at every stage, from start-up to expansion. 

8.  Quality of Life: Wetaskiwin offers an exceptional quality of life for residents and employees. A safe and welcoming community, combined with recreational and cultural amenities, contributes to a balanced work-life environment.

9.  Innovation and Sustainability: The city embraces innovation and sustainability, encouraging businesses to adopt forward-thinking practices. Be part of a community that values environmentally conscious approaches and technological advancements.

10.  Proactive Economic Development Team: Wetaskiwin's dedicated Economic Development team is here to guide and assist you. We provide personalized support, offer valuable resources, and help navigate the local business landscape.

Wetaskiwin is open for business!

If you have any ideas for a new business or City event, would like to talk about your business expansion, relocation or investment in the City of Wetaskiwin, please contact Vern May at or call 780.361.4450

Economic Development Toolbox

  • Trading Area (2014 Census)
    Primary Trading Area Population: 50,264
  • Labour Force
    A regional skilled workforce of 7500 people
  • Commercial Lease Pricing
    $10 - $15 per sq. ft.
  • Taxes (Mill Rates)
    Non-Residential: 19.1748
    Residential: 9.6101
  • Population (2016 Census)
    12,655 people
  • House Prices
    $250,000 average price for 3-bedroom home
  • Commercial Tax Incentive Program

Non-Residential Property Tax Incentives (including new industrial and commercial developments and expansions in Wetaskiwin)

Wetaskiwin City Council repealed Bylaw 1969-20 and passed the replacement Tax Incentive Bylaw 1970-20 at their regular September 28, 2020 meeting. This new bylaw widens the scope of the non-residential property tax incentive to include large scale commercial developments and provides further clarification on the implementation of the Bylaw.

Bylaw 1970-20 gives provision for incentives for the municipal portion of non-residential property taxes for both industrial developments and expansions, as well as new commercial developments on a sliding scale over a three year period. The new bylaw is designed to attract growth, encourage development, and bring new investment to the City of Wetaskiwin.

Read the full Press Release HERE.