Local Improvement Projects

Below is a list of current and past local improvement projects within the City of Wetaskiwin.


The City of Wetaskiwin received no petitions from property owners along 49th Avenue. Administration has moved forward with a complete road reconstruction.


The City received a sufficient petition against the local improvement project planned for 56th Avenue between 47th Street and Garden Meadows Drive in Wetaskiwin. As such, Wetaskiwin City Council voted to proceed with only the critical utility repairs required along 56th Avenue. 

Critical utility repairs have been completed along with asphalt patching. This project has now been moved to the bottom of the City's rebuild list.

The City of Wetaskiwin has received a petition from property owners along 51st Avenue; however, the petition was deemed insufficient as less than two-thirds of the 51st Avenue property owners had signed it.

Wetaskiwin City Council was not bound by the petition as it was deemed insufficient and decided to move forward with a complete local improvement for 51st Avenue by passing Bylaw 1908-18.