The City of Wetaskiwin is committed to its vision of Wetaskiwin being a secure, connected, and inclusive community. Racism negatively impacts everyone’s safety and well-being, but is especially harmful to those being victimized by it. Help us eradicate racism by learning more about how it is perpetuated and by speaking out against it when you see it in action.

Anti-racism is the active process of identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies and practices and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably.

A person who practices anti-racism is someone who works to become aware of: 

  • How racism affects the lived experience of people of colour;
  • How racism is systemic, and has been part of many foundational aspects of society throughout history, and can be manifested in both individual attitudes and behaviours as well as formal (and "unspoken") policies and practices within institutions;
  • How people participate, often unknowingly, in racism. One example of this is white privilege. Learning how this form of privilege shapes one’s place in society--and its impacts--is an important part of confronting racism.

What you can do

When discussing racism and speaking out against it, it is important to be as specific and clear as possible about the terms we use because:

  • racism is often expressed in blanket statements, generalities, and misinformation, coupled with intense emotions
  • your ability to identify and counter problematic assumptions, statements, and dynamics will be enhanced by your familiarity with appropriate and current terms and their definitions

The best way you can help eradicate racism is to is educate yourself. The following are resources that can help you learn about racism and what you can do as a community member to help ensure a climate of respect and inclusion is nurtured in Wetaskiwin.