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How do you envision Wetaskiwin over the next 50 years? The #Wetaskiwin2070 Community Visioning Project is happening now!  Your voice and input is vital to help set the course as we sail into the future.

Why is this important?
Being part of our community visioning project gives you a voice and the opportunity to direct the future of community. We need your voice to help shape what our community looks like today, tomorrow and over the next 50 years. 

Our community is diverse, and the opinions, thoughts and stories of all of our community members matter. We invite you, your friends, neighbours, colleagues to take part and share their voice on this exciting project.

"I think this gives us the opportunity to not only envision what our City will look like in 50 years, but also empower those living here to start creating the change they want for their community and what that could look like starting today."  - Mayor Tyler Gandam

The City of Wetaskiwin has hired an independent consultantStormy Lake Consulting—to engage the community in various activities and workshops to gather feedback, perspectives, and opinions to help shape the 50-year vision. Community engagement activities began in September and will wrap up by the end of this year, followed by the official launch of the new community vision.  

There are several ways community members can participate in the project

Visit Have Your Say, Wetaskiwin

Visit Wetaskiwin’s Have Your Say website to learn about the 50-year community vision project and directly share thoughts about the vision by answering a few questions. Responses can be shared through written submissions on the site, or by uploading photos. Get creative! 

Paint a tile for the Vision Mural

The City invites the public to express their vision for Wetaskiwin in a creative way, by participating in a collaborative vision mural. The mural will be a mosaic of individual tiles, and community members are invited to write, paint and sketch their vision for #Wetaskiwin2070 on a tile. Find out more.

Get Engaged on Social Media

Individual community members, organizations, businesses, clubs, groups, schools and teams are encouraged to share their thoughts and perspectives about the 50-year community vision on social media, using the hashtag #Wetaskiwin2070. Your vision could take the shape of a written post, image, video or visual graphic. Top social media posts will have an opportunity to win a prize from the City of Wetaskiwin.

Write a letter to future residents 

Another component of the engagement process will be collecting a variety of artefacts which will be placed in a time capsule that will be buried at a secret location until 2070. The intention behind the time capsule is to provide a treasure trove of insights and reflections about what life was like in Wetaskiwin in 2020, and to provide the future community with material to compare and contrast how close the City came to meeting its visioning ideals. Community members are encouraged to write a letter to themselves or to their community, to talk about life today. Selected letters will be printed and added to the time capsule to be revealed in 2070. 

You can email your letter until November 30, 2020 to haveyoursay@wetaskiwin.ca with the subject line “Letter to Wetaskiwin 2070”, or send by post to:

Attn: Community Visioning Team
City of Wetaskiwin
Box 4910
Wetaskiwin, Alberta
T9A 2E9