Website Help


It looks like your browser is still attempting to connect to our old website.

To fix this you will need to clear your browser's cache and then revisit our home page.

Internet Explorer Browser

If you are using Internet explorer and the above document doesn't work then please try the following:

Screenshot of browser cache clearing process

Step 1: Select 'Tools' from your toolbar (you can also hit Alt + T)
Step 2: Select 'Internet Options' from the very bottom of the list
Step 3: Select 'Settings' under Browsing History
Step 4: Select 'Every time I visit the webpage' from the list titled Temporary Internet Files
Step 5: Select the 'OK' button at the bottom of the Temporary Internet Files pop-up screen
Step 6: Select the 'OK' button at the bottom of the Internet Options pop-up screen

When you revisit the home page to verify the page loads correctly, please make sure to revert your settings.