Public Hearings & Notices

Public Hearings

Public hearings allow the public an opportunity to express concerns regarding land use issues and more. Public hearings related to the Land Use Bylaw are required prior to a second reading of the proposed bylaw by council. City council may call a public hearing if there is a new bylaw or resolution being proposed that they deem public consultation necessary.

Written Submissions
After a public hearing date is set by council, any person may submit comments about the matter under consideration. Anonymous submissions are not accepted and an individual's name must be attached to every submission. Persons may want to consider the amount of personal information provided since these are public documents.  

Written submissions received from members of the public before 4 p.m. on the Friday before the hearing (which are typically held on Mondays) will be part of a record of public submissions.

Any submissions that are: 

  • mailed or delivered to City of Wetaskiwin, PO Box 6210, Wetaskiwin AB, T9A 2E9  
  • faxed to 780-361-4402 
  • emailed to (unless otherwise specified)

by 4 p.m. on the Friday prior to the public hearing will be shared with Council. Written and verbal submissions may also be made at the public hearing without prior notification to the City of Wetaskiwin. 

For more information regarding the City of Wetaskiwin’s procedures for a Public Hearing please contact our Legislative Executive Assistant at 780.361.4409 or send an email to

Public Hearing Records
After the public hearing adjourns, the municipal clerk will prepare the minutes of the hearing, which record the following information: 

  • The names of administration and the applicant, or representatives of the applicant, who presented at the hearing; and
  • The names of the members of the public who provided written and/or verbal submissions, but not a summary of the presentations and/or a copy of any written materials provided.

The record of public submissions will include:

  • Written submissions received from members of the public, and
  • An electronic copy of the video recording of the meeting, if one was made.

Decisions requiring a public hearing
According to the Municipal Government Act of Alberta, council must hold a public hearing before the second reading of a bylaw, or before they vote on a resolution concerning:

  • Disposal of municipal and school reserve
  • Removal of municipal reserve designation
  • Change to environmental reserve use or boundaries
  • Land use planning bylaws:
    •  Land use bylaw and its amendments
    • Municipal development plan
    • Area structure plans
    • Area redevelopment plans
    • Intermunicipal development plans

Upcoming Public Hearings (2023)

  • Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 9 a.m.Wetaskiwin City Hall (4705 50 Avenue, Wetaskiwin), with a livestream option.
    Members of the public are invited to provide input on the proposed redistricting of Plan 2423NY Lot B (5710 56 Avenue) from Urban Reserve to M1 Light Industrial. 

    A copy of the public hearing notice can be viewed online here.

Previous Public Hearings (2023)

  • January 16, 2023 at 9 a.m.Wetaskiwin City Hall (4705 50 Avenue, Wetaskiwin), with a livestream option.
    Members of the public were invited to provide input on the proposed redistricting of 5800 37A Avenue from MR (Municipal Reserve) to PUL (Public Utility Lot). The proposed PUL designation is the correct designation for a lot intended for storm water control. A copy of Bylaw 2027-22 to amend the Land Use Bylaw 1804-13 can be viewed online here.

    Outcome: 5800 37A Avenue was successfully redistricted from MR (municipal reserve) to PUL (public utility lot).
  • March 13, 2023 at 9 a.m.
    Wetaskiwin City Hall (4705 50 Avenue, Wetaskiwin), with livestream option.
    Members of the public were invited to provide input on the proposed redistricting of the subdivided pieces of lots 5800 and 5900 37A Avenue from PUL (Public Utility Lot) to Direct Control (DC). The proposed DC designation will allow for City Council to have control over any development that occurs on this parcel. This is a step in the process of rezoning this parcel of City-owned land for the development of the proposed Hope Mission facility. 
    Video of the public hearing can be found here.
    Outcome: Council will discuss and debate this matter at the Tuesday, April 11 regular council meeting.