Water Utility & Services

Water Bylaw & Rates

The purpose of the Water Utility Levy Bylaw is to provide for the regulation of water supply for the City of Wetaskiwin. Current water rates are contained within the bylaw. Please refer to our Bylaws page for additional information.

Utility Billing

Utility invoices will be received at every account holder's mailing address monthly, starting January 2021. These invoices are currently only sent out in paper form through the mail, however, the City is working on an e-billing option. More details will be shared on that in the near future.

Your utility bill is DUE UPON RECEIPT. The City gives customers a short grace period in which to pay without penalty between when the invoice is received and the beginning of the next month when penalties are applied to accounts with an outstanding balance.

How do I know if I have a lead service line for my water?

First, you will need to locate your water meter. Most are located in the basement of your home. You can watch this helpful video, courtesy of our friends at the City of Hamilton.

More information is available on Have Your Say Wetaskiwin.


Please phone the Utilities desk at 780.361.4453 for any additional information.

Water Meter Upgrade Program

The City of Wetaskiwin is continuing with its mandatory water meter upgrade program. We understand many residents have received notices regarding a mandatory meter upgrade, and we encourage you to contact us if you have received a letter and have any questions.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the utilities office at 780.361.4436.


The City Utility department will be conducting required water meter upgrades in certain residences across the City in the coming weeks and months. Letters will be sent out to affected residents by areas, so if you don’t receive a letter right away, then you may not be on the upgrade list or we just haven’t gotten to your area yet.

There is no cost for the meter upgrade and there will be no disruption to your water service when this upgrade occurs. To upgrade your water meter:

  • A technician will need to gain access to the water meter inside your home or business. Please call the utilities office at 780.361.4436 to schedule an appointment.
  • The area around the water meter should be clear and accessible. Please move items away from this area prior to the arrival of the technician.
  • An adult of 18 years or older must be present at the time of installation.
  • If you have pets, please keep them in a secure location.

The upgrade will be brief. The technician will arrive and complete the work in approximately 30 minutes, assuming no complications.


The City of Wetaskiwin treats and distributes potable water to its water customers. The two main areas of responsibility are water treatment and water distribution. The City of Wetaskiwin ensures all treated water meets the rigid safety, quality, monitoring, recording and reporting parameters of Federal, Provincial, and local standards.

The water which we consume is supplied from Coal Lake and is treated by the City of Wetaskiwin’s Water Treatment Plant. Water samples are taken on a regular basis throughout the City to ensure the highest water quality.

Water Master Plan

The City of Wetaskiwin has engaged Associated Engineering to undertake an update of their Water Master Plan, which was last updated in 2014. The City is seeking to implement a proactive approach to address the City’s aging infrastructure by updating the water model and Water Master Plan. The City requires a plan which clearly identifies and prioritizes necessary upgrades to the existing distribution system to meet the desired level of service. The Master Plan will also identify potential servicing concepts for future growth areas to help guide future development. 

Read the Water Master Plan.  

Stormwater Master Plan Update

The City of Wetaskiwin (the City) retained Associated Engineering to complete an update to their 2014 Stormwater Master Plan. This update will consider all lands within the City and some areas to the west within the County of Wetaskiwin, which drain towards the City. 

The report objective is to provide the City with a comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan which will identify limitations within the existing system, outline recommended upgrades, and present servicing concepts for future development. The scope of the project includes: 

  • Provide the City with an updated and calibrated stormwater model; 
  • Identify existing system deficiencies and opportunities for repairs or system improvements; 
  • Provide a future stormwater management plan for future developments; and 
  • Provide estimated upgrading costs. 

Read the full Stormwater Master Plan.

Helpful information

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