Solid Waste

The City of Wetaskiwin collects, diverts, and/or disposes of solid waste from local customers, and ensures all disposal operations meet the rigid safety, environmental, monitoring, recording, and reporting parameters of Federal, Provincial, and local standards.

Waste diversion programs and recycling are important facets of meeting City Council's solid waste diversion goals in order to extend the life of our current landfill.

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Residential Services

Not sure which route you’re on? View the Residential Waste Collection map.

2020 Christmas Holiday Collection Changes

Christmas Garbage Collection Changes 2020-01

Contact the Utilities & Waste department with any questions at 780.361.4453.

Garbage Subscription Options

The City of Wetaskiwin has a garbage subscription program that offers a user pay approach to to waste handling. Residents pay for waste services based on the volume of garbage they generate.

*The following rates represent the monthly charge. Since we invoice two (2) months at a time, the amount on your invoice will be the rate shown x 2. Example: For a 121 L bin, your utility invoice will show $38.82 ($19.41 x 2).

Bin Size

2020 Rates (per month)

121 Litre


242 Litre


363 Litre


*View the full Waste Management Bylaw on the Bylaws page.

Please call the Utilities department at 780.361.4453 for more information or to subscribe to our residential waste services.

Waste Collection Routes

The City of Wetaskiwin is divided into four sections to maximize the efficiency of our residential waste collection routes. Collection occurs from Tuesday to Friday each week (with exceptions on holidays) and is carried out by two automated residential collection trucks. Each truck collects trash from an estimated 450 bins per day, and only unload once at the end of the day.

Waste Management Bylaw

Please visit our Bylaws page to view the most recent Waste Management Bylaw.


Please call the City of Wetaskiwin Utilities department at 780.361.4453 for more information.

Commercial Services

The City of Wetaskiwin does not supply solid waste services to commercial properties.