The City of Wetaskiwin issues sewer usage charges to all properties connected to the City’s sewer system, or that have septic or sewer holding tanks within City limits that deposit the waste to the City of Wetaskiwin Sewage Treatment Facility.

Did you know? Flushable wipes do not break down in sewer systems—despite claims otherwise. Wipes are one of the most common ‘clogger’ found in the City’s filters. If you use wipes, dispose of them in a garbage can instead of flushing them down the toilet.

View the current bylaws HERE.

Ratepayer ClassificationConsumption Charge (billed bi-monthly)
Residential (weeping tile connected to sanitary)$1.25 / m3 of water consumption
Residential (weeping tile not connected to sanitary)$1.00 / m3 of water consumption
Commercial / Industrial / Institutional$1.25 / m3 of water consumption

Property TypeFixed Bi-Monthly Charge
Residential Properties (Single Unit)
$53.30 per unit
Residential Properties (Multi-Unit)$53.30 for the first unit; $26.65 for each unit thereafter
Commercial / Industrial / Institutional$99.20 OR consumption at a rate of $0.6740 per cubic metre (whichever is greater)