Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis is now legal in Canada. Cannabis refers to products made from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. You may have also heard it called marijuana or pot.

What You Need to Know

Each level of government has different responsibilities pertaining to cannabis:

The Government of Canada (Federal) is responsible for possession limits, criminal offenses, public health, impaired driving, medical cannabis, education, taxation, home cultivation, advertising, and production.

The Government of Alberta (Provincial) is responsible for minimum age, distribution/wholesaling, retail model, locations and rules, impaired driving, public health, education, taxation, workplace safety, and public consumption.

The City of Wetaskiwin (Municipal) is responsible for public consumption, retail locations and rules, land use and zoning, education, and enforcing municipal, provincial, and federal regulations.

In Alberta, the following rules apply:

  • You must be 18 to use cannabis
  • You can only purchase it only from licensed stores or
  • 30 grams is the maximum amount you can buy or carry at one time
  • Public smoking rules may differ per municipality. Check your local laws
  • Renters, condo-dwellers, and those who live in multi-family dwellings may be restricted from growing and smoking cannabis based on rules established in rental agreements and condominium bylaws
  • Driving high is illegal
  • Cannabis may not be within reach of anyone in a vehicle
  • Only four plants can be grown per household (must be inside)
  • Edibles are not yet legal to sell
  • Anyone under 18 years of age cannot enter cannabis stores

Locally, Wetaskiwin City Council has made the following decisions:

  • Buffer zones for cannabis retail locations have been approved
  • The public consumption of cannabis is stricly prohibited in Wetaskiwin
  • Cannabis retailers will have the same business hours as liquor stores (10 am - 10 pm) 

Where We Are

Retail Cannabis Applications

Wetaskiwin City Council approved the use of a random selection process to accept applications for cannabis retail locations in Wetaskiwin at their regular September 17 Council Meeting. An auditor from Grant Thornton conducted the random selection at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 in Council Chambers at Wetaskiwin City Hall.
View the press release for details.

Approved Retail Buffer Zones

View a map of the approved buffer zones  |  At their regular October 10, 2018 Council Meeting, Wetaskiwin City Council passed the amended Land Use Bylaw (1914-18) specifying the following buffer zones concerning the location of cannabis retail stores:

  • 100 metres from parks
  • 100 metres from child care
  • 50 metres from liquor stores
  • 100 metres from schools
  • 100 metres from libraries
  • 50 metres from other cannabis retail uses
  • 100 metres from playgrounds
  • 100 metres from hospitals

View the amendments made to the Land Use Bylaw pertaining to cannabis.

Public Engagement

The City of Wetaskiwin held an open house on June 25, 2018 highlighting important decisions that the municipality must make to prepare for the upcoming legalization of cannabis. We also had an online survey available for people to take, and received nearly 400 responses!

Other ways that the City of Wetaskiwin is engaging local citizens and stakeholders includes collecting citizen questions and comments through Cannabis Input email.


This is a new process for everyone, and sharing your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions helps Wetaskiwin city council navigate decisions with outcomes that reflect the needs and desires of our community.

You can contact us in following ways: