2020 Construction Projects

Find out what construction projects are scheduled locally throughout 2020. 

55 Avenue Water Main Replacement

Description55th Avenue was identified as an area in the City that was in need of an underground utility upgrade for water and sanitary. Since the water was determined to be an emergency, the City has been forced to replace the water main this fall.
Location(s)55 Avenue between Centennial Drive and 51 Street.
Start DateSeptember 14, 2020
Estimated Completion DateFirst week of November
ContractorAlfresco Contractors Inc.
Road ClosuresFull closure of 55 Avenue. Street parking prohibited. Access from back alley will remain for garbage pickup and school bus pickup
Temporary Utility ShutdownsTemporary water will be supplied to affected residents during construction. 
Other InformationGiven the recent change in weather, the City would like to reinforce that it is very important to leave a tap in your home running at all times, even when you are not home. A light trickle of cold water is all that is necessary to keep the water flowing to prevent freezing.  Note that there is no charge for any water consumption while your home is on temporary water service.  

The sanitary is still in need of replacement so until the sanitary sewer is replaced the City will not be able to pave the road surface. A temporary gravel surface will be used until all underground utility work is completed. Assuming budget is approved, we anticipate the sanitary sewer replacement will be completed next year. 

Asphalt Overlays

DescriptionThis project will allow for resurfacing of 40 Avenue between 56 Street and the Reynolds Alberta Museum along with a final layer of asphalt on 48 Street leading into the southeast industrial area. Minimal utility repairs will be completed on 40 Avenue prior to asphalt. This will help to ensure no utility repairs are necessary prior to the road surface failing. Paving will be followed by inlaid thermoplastic line paint that is expected to last 5 - 10 years. This years program is being funded through the Alberta Governments Municipal Stimulus Program. 

40 Avenue from 56 Street to the Reynolds Alberta Museum

48 Street south of 37 Avenue (South East Industrial Road)

Work DatesSeptember 22, 2020 - November 2020
The weather is being monitored to determine if this project can be completed in 2020. The bike path will likely be paved in 2020. Paving of 40 Avenue and 48 Street may not proceed until the spring of 2021. 
ContractorCentral City Asphalt
Road ClosuresNo road closures. However, there will be various construction and/or work zones as required. Please use caution when driving past construction zones. 
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone
Other InformationSingle lane closures are expected around utility repairs as shown below
TAS Images_1Two lanes will be closed during paving. Two way traffic will be maintained as shown below.
TAS Images_2

The utility repairs are completed.

The North bike path from 56 Street to 64 Street (shown below) is closed. Please follow posted signs, and detour signs posted as work progresses.

Bike Path

Asphalt Patching

DescriptionThis project will allow for patching of asphalt at locations where asphalt restoration is required due to utility repairs.
169 Willow Drive - Complete
5211 - 52 Ave - Complete
5112 – 52 Ave - Complete
5320 – 49 Ave (On 54 St by the alley) - Complete
5212 - 48 Ave - Complete
4620 - 54 Ave - Complete
NW corner of 54th Ave & 46th St - Complete
4728 - 49 Ave - Complete
4720 - 47 Ave - Complete
57 St between 40&45 Ave - Complete
125 & 129 Spatinow Drive - Complete
4012 - 51A St - Complete
4723 - 39 Ave
Garden Meadows and Garnett Corner - Complete
5428 - 45 Avenue - Complete
49 Avenue by Jubilee Park 
Estimated Start DateAugust 2020
Estimated Completion DateOctober 2020
ContractorKantrax Contractors Ltd.
Road ClosuresNotices will be posted on social media for road closures
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone
Other InformationKantrax is expected to return in late October, 2020 to complete Jubilee park and 4723 - 39 Ave

Public Works Shop Renovation & Addition

DescriptionRenovation and upgrades to the City Public Works Shop
Location(s)5520 - 50 Street
Estimated Start DateAugust 12, 2020
Building Construction: September 8, 2020
Estimated Completion DateSummer 2021
ContractorCreative Infrastructure
Road ClosuresNone anticipated
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone anticipated
Other InformationDemolition started on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

What is Happening:
Demolishing old storage shed - this creates the space we need for the new shop and office space
Building addition onto existing pole shed - this allows for more indoor storage space
New roof for existing shop and wash bay - this will fix the leaking roofs and allow for extended life of the buildings
Existing shop will be converted to additional storage space
Demolishing old lean-to offices - due to code & safety issues - will become parking or open space

40 Ave & 53 St Traffic Signals

DescriptionThis project will remove and replace the existing traffic signals at 40 Ave & 53 St.
Location(s)40 Avenue & 53 Street Intersection
Estimated Start DateJune 29, 2020
Estimated Completion DateOctober, 2020
ContractorHighLine Electrical Constructors Ltd.
Road Closureslane closure during construction - Please follow all posted signage and use caution when driving through construction zones.
Tas plan dwg
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNo
OtherNew light poles have been installed.

Sidewalk Program

DescriptionThis project will allow for replacement of sidewalks throughout the City of Wetaskiwin. This years program will also include decorative concrete work at the new peace cairn location. 
  • Several high priority sidewalks have been identified on Spatinow Drive. 
  • A small sidewalk will be added to the street side of the boulevards along the reconstructed portion of 51 Avenue to ensure easy access to vehicles parked on the street. 
  • Various other high priority locations that have been identified throughout the City
  • Curious if your sidewalk is included in this years program? Contact Engineering at 780-361-4400 Ext. 8853
Start DateJuly 27, 2020
Completion DateOctober 15, 2020
ContractorJ. Branco & Sons Concrete Services Ltd.
Road ClosuresNo road closures. However, there will be various construction and/or work zones as required. Please use caution when driving past construction zones. 
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone
Other InformationDue to cold weather, no more concrete work will be completed in 2020. Any work that was not completed will be completed in the summer of 2021.
Some locations still require new sod. This may be completed on a warmer weather day. Otherwise this will be completed in the Spring of 2021.

49th  Avenue  Reconstruction

DescriptionThis reconstruction project included repairs to water, stormwater and sanitary lines that were nearing failure. The road itself has been completely rebuilt from the base including the asphalt, concrete curb and gutters and sidewalks. There was also a boulevard added to the north side of the roadway.
The surface work for this project was completed through a local improvement tax. The petition period for the local improvement ended on May 17, 2019.
Location(s)49th Avenue between 52nd Street & 53rd Street
Estimated Start DateJuly 20, 2020
Estimated Completion DateAugust 7, 2020
Contractor/ConsultantSurface Contractor: Kantrax Contractors Ltd.
Line Painting Contractor: Lafrentz
Landscaping Contractor: Seasonal Impact
Consultant: McElhanney Consulting services
Road ClosuresRoad will remain open for the remainder of work. Please pay attention to lane and parking closures and work zones for the remainder of construction.  
Temporary Utility ShutdownsN/A
Other InformationAsphalt patch work remains at the northwest corner of 52 Street and 49 Avenue. Expected to be completed in late October, 2020
Asphalt is now complete.
Concrete work is now complete
Landscaping work is now complete


DescriptionThis project completes the cleaning and video camera inspections of underground storm and sanitary infrastructure to identify issues to complete future repairs throughout the City of Wetaskiwin.
Location(s)Northeast section of City2020 CCTV Inspection Area
Start DateApril 20, 2020
Estimated Completion DateOctober 2020
ContractorsEmpipe Solutions Ltd.
Sureway Construction Management Ltd.
Road ClosuresNo road closures. However, there will be various construction and/or work zones as required.
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone
Other InformationFinal lines being inspected in October

62nd Street 

DescriptionThis project is being presented to council for completion in 2021.

Based on several comments, the team is reviewing options related to the propagation of the water issue that appears to be spreading onto private property from areas where the road has had added materials. Additionally, it has come to our attention during the hydrovac operations that there are utility conflicts with gas, power, and cable.

The City of Wetaskiwin is committed to delivering the best possible solution for the 62nd Street area. The City is further reviewing all of the options for a design solution that will achieve the project objectives of  removing water from the ditches and road base and complete the surface treatment as well to help limit the disruption to residents. 

If the project scope does change the City will host another open house to get feedback from residents.  If social distancing measures are still required the engagement will be through mail or online surveys. As the City works through the challenges discovered you will be updated each step of the way.

Location(s)62nd Street, 49th Avenue, and Evergreen Close
Estimated Start DateTBD
Estimated Completion DateTBD
Road ClosuresTBD
Temporary Utility ShutdownsNone Anticipated
Current Condition
  • The drainage ditch is designed to flow to the north. There is very little elevation difference between the south and north. The maximum grade that could be achieved is 0.3%. Typically the minimum grade for a grass ditch is 0.75%.
  • Culverts on the north portion of 62nd street were not placed at proper grade and are causing water pooling. 
  • The ditch has sediment build up in various locations.
  • culverts under driveways are heaving and damaged, further impeding flow
  • several secondary utilities are shallower than the minimum required depth of 1m in the ditches