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  • 55 Avenue

55 Avenue

Description55th Avenue was identified as an area in the City that was in need of an underground utility upgrade for water and sanitary. Since the water was determined to be an emergency, the City was forced to begin replacement in the fall of 2020. 
Location(s)55 Avenue between Centennial Drive and 51 Street.
Start DateTo be determined
Estimated Completion DateTo be determined
ConsultantAssociated Engineering
ContractorMartushev Logging Ltd.
Road ClosuresTo be determined
Temporary Utility ShutdownsTo be determined
Other InformationSo far the eastern half of the water main has been replaced and four water services and sanitary services have been replaced.  

The remaining work will be completed in  2022. This includes:

  • Replacing the western half of the water main
  • Replacing the sanitary main
  • Replacing all remaining water and sanitary services
  • Surface Restoration

Until all underground work is complete, the City will not be able to pave the road surface.  A temporary gravel surface will be used until all underground utility work is completed.

The remaining work anticipated for 2022 will require excavations in the yards of those homes that have not had service replacements yet.