Where are the cemeteries located in Wetaskiwin?

The City of Wetaskiwin has two cemeteries:

  • The Wetaskiwin Cemetery is located at 5516 51 Avenue (north of the water tower)
  • The Wetaskiwin Memorial Cemetery is located at 4701 63 Avenue (south of the hospital)

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1. Where are the cemeteries located in Wetaskiwin?
2. How much notice do I need to give the City to arrange for an interment (burial)?
3. What is the cost for an interment (burial)?
4. Can an urn (cremation) be placed with a relative already buried at one of the cemeteries?
5. Can I bury a family member myself?
6. What plot types are available for sale at the cemeteries?
7. Can I pick out my plot?
8. What else do I need to arrange a burial?
9. How do I have a monument (headstone) installed on a grave?
10. I purchased a full body plot, but have now decided I wish to be cremated. Is this an problem?
11. What is included with the cost of a columbarium niche?
12. Who do I contact about engraving on my niche door after I purchase a spot in the columbarium?
13. What is perpetual care?
14. Can I sell my plot back to the City of Wetaskiwin?